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A Healing Space

A Healing Space - Our Bancroft Story

As she pulled up to the curb at the corner of Bancroft Avenue and 47th
Street, Gena saw the owner of the house busy in his yard. Startled out of
his lawn-mowing reverie, Ed paused for a moment to accept her extended
hand. "Hi, I'm Gena Foster. You don't know me, but I heard you might be
interested in selling your home." Sweaty and covered with freshly cut
grass, Ed smiled and asked if she wanted to take a look inside. Glancing at
his shoes, bright green from his labors, Gena insisted she'd come back
another time. "It's fine. I'll show you around," countered Ed, as he led her
toward the porch.

When they stepped through the storm door, Gena immediately noticed
something stir inside her. As they moved into the living room, she viewed its
12-foot ceilings and hardwood floors, reminiscent of a tiny ballroom. Gena
recalls, "I felt a healing energy. I thought this is the place to bring
people comfort. I can do my work in this space and I can practice my art."
Right away, she spoke with her husband David, and the whole family later
returned to explore the house and grounds. They quickly agreed that 4701
Bancroft Avenue was meant to be Wholehearted Healthcare, P.C.

In the next four months, a flurry of activity ensued. Purchasing the home
and transforming it into a clinic first required rezoning. With the expert
assistance of Lincoln's Historic Preservation Planner Ed Zimmer, the clinic
was zoned for business and was registered as a historic landmark in
mid-December 2015. It is one of a few structures in the city built in the Art
Deco architectural style. Over the year-end holidays, with the help of
Gena's family members and friends, the interior received minor renovations.
These made the space more comfortable for clients and equipment. Soon, other
furnishings were moved into place. Gena exclaims, "The night before the
clinic opened, we were still cleaning up dust from finishing the upstairs

On January 5, 2016, the day before her own birthday, Gena saw her first
client at this location. Her dream was coming true: to provide "intimate
healthcare with a holistic artful touch" in her own healing space.