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Wholehearted Healthcare, P.C. is a Nurse Practitioner - owned and operated company - committed to service locally and globally. Intimate healthcare for women, men, and children, with a holistic artful touch. We’re here to help you thrive!

A note from me to you...

At Wholehearted Healthcare we meet you where you are at – investing time and thoughtful energy into getting to know you – so we can provide you with the most personalized care we can.

I practice holistic integrative medicine – combining epigenetics, genomics, functional medicine practices, lifestyle interventions, empowerment of self - self-healing, body awareness, mindfulness, meditation, and self-compassion as daily living practices and mind-body medicine – going way beyond  the “gut-brain connection.” I am a lifelong learner who loves to read. Although I am traditionally educated in Family Practice Medicine (as a Nurse Practitioner), my heart is full of gratitude to have a storehouse of knowledge on women’s health/gynecology, postpartum support, hormone balance, family support, and much more! I strive to be thoughtful in all aspects of care as well as to provide trauma-informed care to all of my clients.

If this seems like a good fit for you – let’s partner to create a tribe of healers and support around you on your journey of living life – thriving in the now!



Gena Foster



Recent Speaking Engagements

CVA Chapel- The Art of Self-Care for the Human Brain

On March 15th and 16th, Gena was invited to share with the College View high-school students a few pearls on the Art of Self-Care for the Human Brain. It was a lively speaking engagement, packed with interactive activities, a showing of the "still face" test, a 24 hour social media-free challenge, body awareness work, and Dr. Daniel Siegels, "Seven Daily Habits for Healthy Brain Matter". Gena challenged the students to ask themselves..." do you utilize technology or does technology utilize you?" Going on to say, "technology is a powerful tool, are you using it as a tool or are you the tool?" Another one of the themes of the talk was how face-to-face time with other human beings enhances our cognitive capacity as beings... and how it is a powerful mindfulness tool to help us connect with the "awe and magic of life" - giving the ordinary the capacity to become extraordinary! 

Listen to KZUM's: "Our Street" ~ and join Ed Zimmer and Gena Foster as they share about how the "healing space" at 4701 Bancroft Avenue was deemed a Landmark status. Recorded live 6.12.17