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Blood Draws

Gena will direct you to onsite or offsite testing. If offsite testing is recommended, you will want to go to Physicians Lab

  • Wear sleeves that roll up easily
  • For fasting lab tests, do not eat or drink anything other than water for nine hours prior to your blood draw. It is ideal to have your blood drawn within two hours of waking, prior to 8:00 am when possible.
  • Arrive hydrated. Drink lots of water ahead of time!
  • If you're having your blood collected offsite at Physicians lab, you don't need to make an appointment. You can just walk in and tell them your name.
    • Draw time is 10-15 minutes after arrival.
    • Bring your insurance card to the lab.
  • Specialty Kits: Your blood draw kit comes with an ice pack. You will need to take it out and freeze it in advance. Then, bring it with you to the lab on the day of your blood draw.
  • Note: Premenopausal female hormone testing needs to be collected on your menstrual cycle day #21. Day one of your menstrual cycle is the day your flow begins. Counting forward, 21 days after the first day you last started to flow is day 21 of your cycle.