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Contact & Scheduling Appointments

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for Current Clients ONLY


Want to connect with Gena? You have options.

  • For true MEDICAL EMERGENCIES - go to your local Emergency Department.
  • For URGENT needs from 7 am to 9 pm, seven days a week, please call or text me at 402-770-3800.
  • For NON-urgent needs, medical questions, updates on your health, or other concerns please take a moment to log into your Athena patient portal account and send me a detailed message. If you have concerns about a non-urgent medical problem please include in the message the date of when the symptoms started, what symptoms you are currently having or have had, and what home treatments, if any, you have already tried.
  • For AFTER-HOURS care please utilize your local CVS Minute or Urgent Care clinic. While you are there, please make sure to ask them to fax me a copy of your visit to our fax: (308) 870-7157. 


When sending a note through the portal to Gena with a problem or illness you're experiencing, please include these details:

  • Onset of symptoms
  • Location of symptoms
  • Duration of problem
  • Character of problem - dull, sharp, etc
  • Anything you've tried that alleviates the symptoms or has made them worse?
  • Does the symptom radiate to anywhere else in your body?
  • What time of day do the symptoms happen? 
  • Do your symptoms occur with or without activity?
  • How severe would you rate your symptoms on a scale of 0-10?


Need to make an appointment? — NOTE: these appointment requests go to staff (not Gena)

  • Log into your Athena patient portal account and send us a message requesting an appointment. You will want to make sure to include dates and/or days, along with the time of day that works best for you to come in.


  • Call or text the secure clinic line at (402) 730-9819 requesting an appointment. You will want to make sure to include dates and/or days, along with the time of day that work best for you to come in.


Have billing questions? 

All “insurance claims” are submitted through Athena, our Electronic Health Record, client portal, and billing software. For questions about your bill through Athena, reach out to Tammie at (877) 520-9033.

For questions about “self-pay” service billing - reach out to Gena via email at 

When making inquiries with either Gena or Tammie, please make sure to include your full name and the date of service you are inquiring about. 


Clinic Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Friday: 8:00am - 1:00pm


With gratitude,