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About Wholehearted Healthcare, P.C.






From May 2006 until the spring of 2015, I, Gena Foster, worked as a Nurse Practitioner at Women’s Healthcare Center of Williamsburg. I am grateful for the knowledge and love I received from my patients and the other providers, nurses, and staff there.

A new opportunity opened up for me, and in March 2015, I launched Wholehearted Healthcare, P.C., a holistic primary healthcare clinic – primary care for women (and a few special men and children).

I have a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. I utilize my family practice degree, along with my strong knowledge base from my years of providing specialized gynecologic care, as a platform of knowledge: to provide high-quality, evidence-based primary care in an individualized manner for women of all ages and stages of life.

I want to empower women with the tools to care for their entire beings – bodies, minds, and spirits – through creating a community where they receive and give support, connect and gain knowledge, as well as find restoration and balance.

Wholehearted Healthcare, P.C. is a Nurse Practitioner-owned and -operated company committed to service locally and globally. Intimate healthcare for women, men, and children, with a holistic artful touch. We’re here to help you thrive!


Provide women, men, and children of  all ages and stages of life an evidence-based primary healthcare setting, with an individualized, high-quality holistic approach.


Create a community in which patients gain knowledge, connect, renew, give and receive support. Empower women, men, and children with tools to integrate body, mind, and spirit.